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Nothing's gonna change my world [Feb. 25th, 2008|11:42 am]
[Chemical influx |happyhappy]
[Background noiz |TV Carpio (from the "Across the Universe" soundtrack) I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND]

I took some time off from playing Rock Band this weekend in order to watch a movie with my family. Julie Taymor's "Across the Universe", a musical taking place in the 60s, featuring a simple love story set along reimaginations of the songs of the Beatles.

And what a wonderful movie it was. Not only the movie was named after my favorite Beatles song ever, but every minute of it reeked with brilliance. Every song, every character, every surreal video clip... nothing felt out of place.

And there was truly something about a cute asian cheerleader signing a ballad rendition of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to another girl in her squad.

I wish I could recommand Across the Universe to everyone, but I guess I can't. It just isn't for anyone, and lately, it seems like my film choices haven't been popular with my more mainstream movie-going friends, but who cares. It might not be for everyone (and judging from some of the harsher reviews it got, I guess it really isn't) but fuck I loved it myself. And I'll definitely watch in again soon.

I truly gotta thank my brother for picking wonderful movies suggestions all the time. So far, he's got a 99.9% average when it's time to pick a movie from his collection that he thinks I might like. Here's to you bro.
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Darn. [Feb. 13th, 2008|10:00 am]
[Chemical influx |sleepysleepy]
[Background noiz |The Ramones - BLITZKRIEG BOP]

Has it bee more than a month already?
I guess I just can't promise anything anymore.

I'll update this whenever the hell I feel like it, and that's it. :P

I just dropped by to say I played Rock Band over the weekend at my brother's, and I love it. It's not the Guitar Hero killer people claim it is, as they both provide similar enough experiences, but the whole band perspective really makes it shine. For the guitar alone, though, I still think Guitar Hero is better. However, since The GH series is becoming more and more difficult in order to cater to these fucking no-life Extreme mode players, I find Rock Band more enjoyable casually.

And you can design your musicians... I made a weird female bass player named Deedee. She has a 1up mushroom on her tee. In an XBOX game. Oh the irony.

I'm finally done with Super Mario Galaxy. I got every star with both Mario and Luigi for a grand total of 242 stars. Phew, what a ride. I can now finally proclaim Super Mario Galaxy to be the greatest 3D platformer ever designed, and probably the most nicely designed game of this generation. Shigeru Miyamoto works magic. And I don't want to hear brainless Sony or XBOX fanboys say otherwise. Bitches.

I worked in a comic book store for a few years back in the day. This is where I started to despise american comic books. Cliche superheroes. Big guns and muscles. Huge boobs. Released monthly. Collectible value. Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlane sure didn't help me like comics better back then. (that was during the comic book boom between 93 and 95)
But then I started to notice another type of comic book. Independant comics. Or smaller, creator owned comics, like what the good folk at Dark Horse used to release.

I didn't really get into them though, as I shifted my attention on manga. But the recent interest in movies based on comic books, and the oh-so wonderful Trade Paperback format made me reconsider reading some of these lesser known titles that were quite promising. Like Sandman. And Sin City. And Hellboy..

Hellboy is truly nice. Probably the most interesting american comic I've read in a while. My brother bought the books, and I borrowed them from his, curious. I really love Mike Mignola's style, and his stories are truly nice. Write more, Mike.


I just spilled the perfect mochaccino on the floor. That's 3 dollars down the drain. I'm so sad.
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Capturing the moment. [Jan. 13th, 2008|01:32 pm]
[Chemical influx |happyhappy]
[Background noiz |Some cool remixes of old Konami musi]

It's been a whole week since I returned to my "normal life" after the fun holidays I had. The week was rather lazy. But the strange weather really made it interesting. Basically, we had very fair weather during the holidays proper, then it started to be really cold at the end of the last week. (My car didn't start one day too. Damn cold)

And this week, it's been raining. And we spent a few days covered with fog. Truly strange. A lot of the snow that had been piled up so far vanished...

And now it's back. Well. Some of it.

This picture or my brother and I was taken by my mom during the holidays while we were taking a walk on the St Larence river. (it's completely frozen) It feels like it's a whole different place in winter. I guess I don't like the cold season as much as I pretend to.


Oh, work tomorrow! And I still have so many games to play that I got for christmas. (and in the following days too.) So many games, so little time! ;)

PS : Sorry Kit! I told you I'd post something... I was just a few days late^^;
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400 in 2008 [Jan. 1st, 2008|12:52 am]
[Chemical influx |drunkdrunk]

I'm taking a little time off from partying to write this. I wanted to wish you all a happy new year! 2007 was one of my best year ever, if not THE best, and I truly hope 2008 will be just as nice! I love you all!

And tonight is is also the first day of Quebec City's 400th anniversary celebration, my favorite city in the world. Go Quebec. You frickin' rule.

C'est vrai! Je veux souhaiter une super belle année 2008 a tout le monde! Lâchez pas la patate, et si vous avez aimé 2007, j'èspère que 2008 sera tout aussi cool, sinon plus!

Ma ville fête maintenant officiellement son 400e anniversaire! Je vais peut être pas fêter, mais je vais profiter de l'occasion pour l'aimer toujours plus. Plusieurs des plus beaux moments de ma vie furent passés dans ses rues. J'adore Québec.

Pour ce qui en est DU Québec, je déteste peut être 75% de ce qu'est le votre, mais j'aime le mien. J'aime MON Québec, j'aime ma ville de Québec encore plus. J'aime mon français, (quoi que vous puissiez penser) Je vous aime. Et j'aime déja 2008!

(et j'aime les quelques petits verres que j'ai en ce moment dans le nez...)

Mort a la Montréalisation!

The french part of this post wasn't a translation of the english one. I guess my french speaking readers can already read english, else they wouldn't be here. And for the ones who don't speak french... well...

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'tis the season to be jolly [Dec. 21st, 2007|04:44 pm]
[Chemical influx |cheerfulcheerful]
[Background noiz |Sum 41 - WALKING DISASTER]

Just a little christmas update...

Have you seen my little tannenbaum? I'm happy it's much better than my poor, poor jack-o lantern from Halloween 2006. It makes my appartment all nice and warm. I also had guests all week, so it really started to look a lot like Christmas. :)

I won't probably post anything during the holidays, so I want you guys to know I love you all. Especially you.

Take care you guys, and I really want to wish you all an especially merry christmas, and a happy new year as well! :)
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